2018 Town Meeting Report Part 2

Below is part two of our 2018 Town Meeting Report!

Making Paid Family Leave Possible for all Vermonters
Here are the things we, as legislators and politicians of all stripes say: We want to attract young people to the state. We want Vermont to be affordable. We want to help people who are on the financial edge of our benefit cliffs. We want more children to be born, and to be healthy, and to be ready for school. Here is what else we know: we have an …

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Commentary: A Vermont that works for all of us, not just the wealthy

A Vermont that works for all of us, not just the wealthy

I want a Vermont that works for all of us, not just the wealthy.  A Vermont where our families and communities can thrive and where the Vermont dream is accessible to everyone – not just a select few.

During the Governor’s State of the State Address last week, I didn’t hear a plan on how we can create an economy that works for all of us; what I heard was a doom …

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Doyle Poll 2017

Every year during Town Meeting Day, Senator Doyle releases a poll to gain an understanding of where Vermonters stand on current issues in the news and at the State House. Below are the results for Wards 2 and 3 in Burlington.

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2017 Town Meeting Report

The 2017 legislative session has, so far, been one of great uncertainty. We have new administrations in Montpelier and in Washington, DC, both of which have signaled significant priority shifts from their predecessors. We are proud to join with a tri-partisan group of elected officials to stand united against some of the most egregious proposals from Washington, pushing back against the President’s illegal and immoral immigration proposal.

While we monitor closely what potential budget cuts the federal government may pass down, we face serious budget challenges …

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How Education Property Taxes are Calculated

A state representative several years ago wrote up a really great explanation on how Vermont’s education taxes are calculated. I hope you find this helpful! (this is an example, it is not Waterbury’s actual budget)

Before the Brigham decision (1997), towns with big grand lists had an easy time raising money for their schools, while towns with a small grand lists had a hard time raising money for their schools. Education property taxes ranged from $.40 to $4.00. The Vermont Supreme Court held that …

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Protecting Victims of Sexual Assault

This month, I voted in support of a package of legislation to protect victims of sexual assault. Despite significant progress in strengthening Vermont’s laws against sexual assault, too many victims of sexual violence are not ensured access to justice, health care, and social services.

The package of legislation reinforces the State’s sexual assault laws by setting forth procedures and notification requirements related to medical forensic examinations of sexual assault victims. Each year, Vermont’s certified Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners perform approximately 250 sexual assault forensic exams. The …

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January Legislative Update

The first couple weeks of the legislative session has been productive. I’m proud to have been elected by my peers as the House Majority Leader. I’m also proud to announce that Rep. Curt McCormack has been appointed Vice Chair of the Energy and Technology committee.

Last week, Curt and I stood with fellow representatives and coalition partners at the State House to announce legislation to raise the minimum wage over the course of five years to $15 an hour (approximately 31,000/year). We have a problem right …

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Independent Contractors

Rep. Mary Hooper from Montpelier has written a commentary that really helps frame up the challenges we have in determining who is an independent contractor and why we need to figure it out. Read below…

Finding the Right Balance

Employment is an agreement between businesses and workers. Business receives labor, workers receive a paycheck and certain rights and protections. This bargain has value and costs and therein lies the century old tension in the workplace.

With competition in the marketplace, businesses have an interest …

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2016 Town Meeting Report

It is an honor to serve as your Representatives in Montpelier. We are now mid-way through the legislative session. Here are highlights of legislation that has passed or is being considered. We have worked hard to create a state where all Vermonters get a fair shot. We know that our government exists to serve the people by ensuring that Vermonters are safe, healthy and successful.

Keeping Vermont Workplaces Healthy
There are currently 60,000 Vermonters without access to paid sick time. These families are too often forced to …

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2016 Wards 2 & 3 Doyle Survey Results

Below are the 2016 Doyle Survey results collected at the polls on Town Meeting Day.

Ward 2
1. Should Cities and Towns have a voice in siting industrial energy projects in their communities?
2. Is it important for Vermont to encourage people and jobs to move to Vermont in light of the population loss?
3. Do you believe water quality is a major issue in Vermont?
4. Should Vermont …

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