Equal Pay Day at the State House

April 14th was Equal Pay Day and at the State House the day was filled with reflections and information on the current status of women’s pay. In Vermont, women make 83% of what a Vermont man makes according to a 2015 American Association of University Women report. Another report recently stated that it would take until 2048 for Vermont women to achieve equal pay to men. Clearly, we have a lot more work to do and the Equal Pay Compact is one …

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Spring Auction Reminder

The Spring 2015 State Surplus Vehicle and Equipment Auction is scheduled to start at 10:00 am Saturday May 9th, at the Agency of Transportation – Central Garage on the Barre-Montpelier Road in Berlin VT, additional details and a list of anticipated items are posted on our website at: http://bgs.vermont.gov/business_services/surplus/auctions – note that we will update this list as changes come in. Our auctioneer will also be posting an inventory and pictures at their site:


Summary of items that are expected to be …

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Governor Shumlin Addresses Price Spike of Opiate Overdose Drug

Opiate addiction is a dangerous disease and should be treated as such. Naloxone is drug that can save lives by reversing the affects of an overdose. Since Gov. Shumlin signed legislation to expand availability of naloxone last year it has been used to reverse an overdose nearly 200 times. Unfortunately now the price has been rising nation-wide due to increased demand. Below is a press release by Governor Shumlin regarding this issue.

April 8, 2015

Gov. Shumlin Urges Maker of Overdose Reversal Drug to Halt Price Spike
Price …

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SAT and State College Fee Waiver Info

Vermont high school juniors and seniors may qualify to take the SAT test for free and have application fees waived for any of the Vermont State Colleges.

The deadline to register for the May 6th SAT testing date is Monday April 6th, and the deadline to register for the June 6th testing date is May 8th. The SAT is required for entrance into most higher education programs. Students can register online at www.sat.collegeboard.org/register.

The registration fee for the SAT is $50 but high school juniors and seniors …

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Budget Vote

On Friday, the Vermont House passed a $1.5 billion dollar budget with support of Democrats, Progressives, Republicans, and Independents. With a $113 million shortfall in the budget, Curt and I worked with our friends on the Appropriations Committee to fully fund or not cut programs that low income Vermonters are dependent on. While we were unable to fund certain programs as much as we wanted, on balance we had many successes. We raised $35 million by capping income tax deduction, which mainly impacts high-income …

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2015 Doyle Survey

The results of the 2015 Doyle Survey are in! These are the results of the survey voters at the Ward 2 and 3 polling locations filled out. In general the issues that had the most consensus where concern over water quality, concern over opiate use in Vermont, the legalization of marijuana, and state-wide cell phone service.

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Driver Restoration Day

Friday, March 20th-Driver Restoration Day
Driver Restoration Day will help Vermonters in Chittenden and other counties who have had their licenses suspended for failure to pay traffic tickets get their driving privileges reinstated. The effort is aimed to increase public safety and to ensure lower-income Vermonters are not forced to make tough choices between paying for overdue tickets or daily necessities. It costs $20, at the Costello Courthouse located at 32 Cherry Street. For more information call 863-2865.

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Start the Conversation Workshop

Tuesday, March 31 @ 6pm-Start the Conversation Workshop at the Fletcher Free Library

We are excited to host this workshop to offer help and education to our community. An Advanced Directive is a form that lets you set out what you want your end of life care to be. It can be difficult to talk about end-of-life plans for yourself or your loved ones. To help with this, the Visiting Nurses Association has a great workshop, which will allow you to understand these forms and …

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2015 Legislative Town Meeting Report

It’s hard to believe it’s already Town Meeting Week. Here’s an update of some of the legislation being considered and what we are working on. This legislative session we have some major challenges, but also some exciting opportunities to help working families. It is truly an honor for us to represent you at the State House. Below is a collection of updates on bills or issues. Please contact with me with any questions or feedback you have! Thank you!

State Budget
Five days after the Legislature received …

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End of Session Report

It’s an honor to represent the Old North End and Downtown Burlington in the Statehouse. Curt McCormack and I worked hard this legislative session to invest in working families, create green jobs, and help make our communities safe and affordable. Here’s a legislative wrap up highlighting some of the legislation we passed. If you have any questions, feedback, ideas, or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Minimum Wage Increase
We fought hard for the greatest increase in the minimum wage at the fastest schedule. What was …

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