Legislative Update

Legislative Update

The pace at the State House is picking up as we work on advancing policies that create an economy that works for everyone, not just a select few. Vermont faces its share of challenges and opportunities. We have a plan of action to give all Vermonters a fair shot and ensure a strong future.

I’m deeply disappointed the Governor vetoed the bill to raise the minimum wage for Vermonters, this is his second veto on this issue. The bill would raise the minimum wage to $11.75 in 2021 and $12.55 in 2022. We know that when Vermonters have more money in their pockets, working families have more to invest back into our local economy, growing jobs, and economic opportunity. The bill now heads to the Senate for an override vote.

In the coming weeks, the House will take up two bills that address climate change. The Global Warming Solutions Act (H.688) would elevate Vermont’s current goals for greenhouse gas emissions to required reductions with deadlines for action.  The bill also requires action to enhance the climate resilience and preparedness of Vermont. The second bill is to modernize Act 250, Vermont’s land use and development law. The bill would provide greater environmental protections for Vermont’s natural resources such as its forest blocks and wildlife corridors and include climate change and equity as considerations in development falling within Act 250 jurisdiction.

Please let me know if you have any questions on these bills or any other issues we’re working on at the State House! Thanks, Rep Jill Krowinski cell-802-363-3907

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