Paid Sick Days

More than half of the workforce does not have or cannot use paid sick days to care for sick children.

Parents should never have to choose between caring for a sick family member and earning a living.  Nearly half (48%) of private sector workers (including a whopping 78% of food and public accommodation workers) are denied even a single paid sick day.

The absence of paid sick days has an impact on our economy, public health and child care system.  If a sick child is dragged from her warm bed and sent to day care, she risks infecting all of the other kids around her (and their parents), and her teachers, not to mention that she will have a very tough day ahead.  The girl’s parents, worried about how their child is getting through the day, bring that worry and concern into their work places with them.  If Vermonters are allowed to care for their families when needed, they will have healthier and more motivated workplaces.

I will introduce legislation that mandates paid sick days for Vermonters.  Requiring paid sick days will produce benefits to our public health system and our economy.

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