Town Meeting Legislative Update-Part One

Our legislative goals

  • Take action on climate change-the House passed the Global Warming Solutions Act which Vermont’s unmet climate goals into requirements. There are several other bills in the works that address climate change from the Transportation Climate Initiative (TCI), to modernizing Act 250 (our land use law) to increasing access to telemedicine, and all of the climate initiatives Curt is putting into the annual Transportation Budget.
  • Raise the minimum Wage-both the House and Senate supported giving hardworking Vermonters a raise. The bill would raise the wage from $10.96 to $12.55 by 2022. Governor Scott vetoed the bill and the House and Senate overrode the veto.
  • Create a universal paid family and medical leave program-the House and Senate passed a bill that created a paid family and medical leave program that would have given new parents 12 weeks time to care for a new child and 8 weeks to take care of a sick family member. Governor Scott vetoed the bill and the House was one vote short of overriding the bill. We are deeply disappointed and hope next legislative session we can build a larger coalition to support it and make it become law.
  • Create a tax and regulated system for cannabis-personal cultivation of cannabis was legalized in 2018. This year, the House has worked to develop a bill (S.54) to regulate cannabis businesses and tax cannabis sales to adults 21 years and older.

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